Top 5 Best Heat Pumps 2020 | Our Top Picks

We always want to get cooled when the weather is hot and to get warmed when it is winter. The best heat pump 2020 would be the right solution.

If you are searching for an efficient way reduce heating costs, try to think about something which can do both cooling and heating account for about half of home energy used. The most economical way for you to consider is having a heat pump. For something economical that helps you to save money for electricity consumption, heat pump is best for you. As per computation, a pound of electricity you invest in a heat pump, it will generate four pounds of heat. It is also work as an air conditioner during warmer season which gives a whole year round comfort.

As compared to conventional HVAC methods, heat pump requires no energy to actually cool or warm the air making it obviously more energy efficient. Generally, for each unit of energy, a heat pump can generate three to five kilowatts of heat. No fossil fuel is involved for the heat pumps to function; therefore it generates lesser greenhouse gas emission as compared to conventional furnace.

What Is a Heat Pump?

Sometimes we used the term heat pump to be misleading. It does a significantly efficient job in both heating and cooling your home. Safe to say, heat pumps does not only focus in producing heat in your homes.

Heat pump is a piece of air conditioning equipment that has the ability to give both heating and cooling in the scorching warm summer as well as comfort heating in the chilling winter months. Technically, heat pump is a mechanical compression cycle refrigeration system that can be reversed to either heat or cool a controlled space.

Two parts are needed to be installed for this type of system: an indoor unit referred to as air handler and an outdoor unit which resembles a central air conditioner but referred to as heat pump. It has a compressor which circulates refrigerant that absorbs and releases heat as is travels between the indoor and outdoor units.

Top 5 Best Heat Pumps 2020 Reviews

#1: Pioneer WYS012-17 Air Conditioner Inverter

Air conditioning, heating, dehumidification and ventilation in one unit set! The newest way series wall mount mini ductless inverter air conditioning with heat pump system, it has Pioneer ductless mini split type air conditioning system that could possibly heat or cool any contiguous area, effectively and efficiently. It allows the user to freely choose among 4 operating modes; ventilation, dehumidification, heating and cooling.

It is built with the latest technologies which ensure high efficacy rate, comfort and best performance. Perfect for single zone residential and light commercial applications for its WYS 19 inverter and 9,000 to 36,000 BTU/h heating and cooling capacity.

Ductless Indoor Section

Eye-catching LED Display and attractive flat front panel with automatic swing air discharge louvers, multi speed fan motor, permanent washable air filters or a whisper quiet efficient operation.

Heat Pump Outdoor Section

It is made from durable galvanized metal constructed from electrostatic epoxy paint. The high efficacy DC inverter compressor allows the fan to have variable speed for a very quiet operation. Single point power entry PASSESS through outdoor unit.

Complete 16 inches installation Kit

Has a pair of insulated copper tubing with flare connections, wall sleeve liner and cap, interconnecting signal wiring, wrapping tape and drain line extension for fast and easy installation. Other optional lengths are available.

Generally, this air conditioning system is multipurpose, great for cooling and heating.

• Highly efficient
• Multipurpose
• Ultra Silent
• Easy-install piping system
• Bit heavy

#2: 4 Ton 14.8 EER Hydro-tech Cupronickel Water Source Heat Pump

Like traditional heat pumps, water source a heat pump operates similarly, except that the heat is transferred to water not in air. The heat pump warmed the water and then pumped throughout the room, giving you a more efficient and effective way to heat your surroundings.

When it comes to water source heat pumps, Climatemaster/Hydrotech is the most trusted behind these qualifications. As compared to other products in the market today, Hydrotech pump is the most feature-packed product available today.

Two Speed Blower Operation
It removes moisture faster than other heat pumps. By operating on a lower speed up to 10 minutes before switching to full speed it removes moisture faster. There is even higher speed available for highly static applications.

180 Degrees Field-Reversible Blower Assemblies

This will improve the airflow when units are installed in closets with has very little room for supply plenums.

Optional Vacated Premises Control (VPC) Kit

This ensures that the unit still operates a minimum of one or two hours per day during extended periods of inoccupancy. The system will automatically shut down and then automatically reset every 24 hours if trouble occurs. If the same trouble appears each day, the unit will lock out on the fourth day and needed to be manually reset.

• Safer
• Less carbon emission
• Less maintenance
• Long lifespan
• High start-up cost
• Difficult to Install

#3: Goodman 3 ton 16 SEER Air Conditioner R-410a GSX160361

It uses the R-410A refrigerant which is environmentally friendly and operating sound levels that is one of the most performing when it comes in the heating and air conditioning industry. It is chlorine free to help prevent damages to the ozone layer.

It has high efficiency Copeland scroll compressor which is design for consumers who desires superior comfort, environmentally friendly, quiet operation and environmentally air conditioning performance.

The manufacturer’s recommended evaporator coil, variable speed air handler, furnace and variable speed modular blower and thermostatic expansion valve must be installed to achieve the 16 SEER efficiency of the central air conditioner.

Advanced Coil Design

The condenser coil is designed with aluminum fins and rifled copper tubing to maximize efficiency. To allow the heat transfer capabilities of the materials to shine, the fins and rifling act to increase surface are.

High Efficiency Compressor

A highly efficient scroll compressor is used to provide refrigerant flow. These compressors are popular for operating more reliably and smoothly than any other compressors.

Secure Cabinet

The cabinet is built to withstand any conditions- built to last. It is fabricated from galvanized steel construction, a steel coil guard that protects the equipment from tear and wear and a durable powder paint finish to ensure and achieved its longevity.

The recommended line set size for this unit will change depending on the length of line needed for installation.

• Durable
• Efficient
• Operates Smoothly
• Lasts Long
• Must Be Installed By Experts

#4:Voluker 1.5HP Submersible Pump 4356GPH

This submersible sump pump is made from stainless steel. The pump will surely clean dirty water from swimming pool easily for it designed for heavy duty works.

It has 10 cm cable with plug, stainless steel material and possesses high power machine system. It is suitable for garden irrigation and pool drainage.

Powerful Submersible Pump
It has 1.5HP and has the capacity to pump 435 GPH (Galoons Per Hour). It is really built to handle heavy duty water removal for high capacity recycling duties, thus helping you to handle heavy water duties more efficiently.

Automatic Float Switch
The Auto Float Switch starts and stops automatically. It will automatically disconnect the power when the water level reaches below 4.7 inches, when the water is than the water pump, the pump will function or start again.
To prevent the coil from getting burned, it cuts off immediately when the pump fails to pump water.

Higher Base Plate

One of the edge of this sump pump is that is has a higher base plate that assures the prevention of collection of debris in the sump pit. This means that, worrying so much on your dry basement that it will be affected on rainy days or in any day that the underground water table arises will no longer happen. It sits in a water-accumulating sump pit which pumps all excess water away from the houses foundation.

Overall, this sump pump system is reliable for heavy duty works and is design to sustain efficacy under challenging conditions.

• Multi Outlet Size
• Multipurpose
• Reliable
• Automatic Switch
• Heavy

#5:Senville SENL-24CD Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump 24000 BTU SEER

This air conditioning system is a great way to heat and cool your home all year round. The system’s inverter technology, affordable and efficient way for cooling provides you with an efficient way to give your home a complete climate control. It can also be an additional air conditioner and heat pump for your business or home. It has a SEER rating with as high as 17. The LETO series gives you heating, dehumidification and heating functions all year round.

Customer reviews rate this unit 4.4 out of 5 stars over 180 reviews; it is relatively higher as compared to other competitors. You can trust its warranty, 2 years on parts and 5 years for compressor.

Please note that to install this unit, professional installation is required with installation kit which comprises 16 ft.line set and wiring harness as freebies.

Low Ambient Kit
As this unit promises you to give your home a complete climate control; it cools and heats your room efficiently in temperatures that could reach as 5F.

Mini Split Ductless System
It has mini split ductless for air conditioning and heating purposes. This mini split ductless air conditioner and heater- 17 SEER that efficiently adjusts the temperature you preferred.

Whisper technology
It operates at a very low sound- a whisper like sound which is great for bedrooms, living rooms and commercial applications.

This Air conditioning system can heat and cool your home and business for over 10 years.

• Efficient
• Multipurpose
• Ultra Silent
• Requires Professional Installation

Heat Pump Buying Guide & FAQ’s

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Imagine that a heat pump is heat transporter; it constantly moves warm air from one place to another to where it is needed or not, depending the climate or the season. We didn’t notice that even if it is very cold outside, heat energy is still present behind all of the coldness. So, heat pumps works as it absorbs the heat energy outside and then transfer it inside, and when it’s warm outside, it reverses the process and act as an air conditioner that removes the heat inside and transfer it outside.

Heat Pump Residential Applications

You have been thinking of having a heat pump but wasn’t sure how this unit works. Here are the reason that makes you think why you should purchase one.

Year round Comfort

As being stated above, heat pumps work as both cooling and heating unit. It is not only good for making your home warm but it can also be an air conditioner.

Heat pumps deliver additional warmth that can reach up to 300% more efficient as compared to your conventional heating system.

Scandinavian Countries

They usually use ground source heat pumps to heat their home because ground source heat is more efficient as compared to their sources. For the reason that below a depth of 9 meters, the ground has a relatively constant temperature all year round.

Mediterranean Countries

For Mediterranean countries, majority of their households use air source heat pumps. This heat pump is cheap to install and is the most common among all types of heat pumps. Mild weather (not too hot nor too cold) is best for air source pumps.


As technology always innovates, heat pumps are now installed in individual apartments. Every unit can be found on individual dwellings to create decentralized system for apartment heating. This allows you to control the desired temperature.

What Are the Types of Heat Pumps

Naturally, heat naturally transfers from a warm location to a colder one. One purpose of a heat pump is that allows the transfer of heat from lower temperature to a higher one.

Air Source Heat Pump

This heat pump transfers heat from an outside source then transfer it inside the building or a room, vice versa. To absorb heat and transfer it to another, this pump uses the principle of vapor compression refrigeration and a refrigerant system which comprises compressor and a condenser.

Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pumps

This heat pump can be wall mounted and used for a specific room. The advantage of this type is it doesn’t require ducts to pass heat into rooms. This may function similar to a normal heat pump with ducts but this unit works only on a smaller scale.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

We have geothermal energy as solar energy absorbs and stores in the ground. These heat pumps are laid to into the earth. Ground source heat pumps or also known as geothermal heat pumps utilized to run ground source heat pumps. This type of heat pump is more efficient than air sourced as temperatures on the Earth are generally more constant as compared to the air.

Absorption heat pumps

It is quiet similar to ground source heat pumps but the main difference between the two is that Absorption heat pumps are driven by another heat source such as geothermal heated water source and solar heated water rather than purely energy stored from the earth alone.

The beauty of heat pumps is they do more than just heating, despite their name. Matter of fact, they can also offer humidity control and air conditioning. The trick behind its functionality lies on how it moves heat. Heat pumps don’t actually create the heat, but rather gets heat from one place and transfers into another. That way, they can heat and cool spaces at a lower cost.

During the hot season, it moves heat from your home to the outside. Then during the cold seasons, it transfers heat from the external environment towards your home. You may already have the idea on how crucial a heat pump is to the comfort of your residence. There are even times it could be a life-saver. Just imagine a cold winter night with a broken heat pump. You can’t afford that to happen.

To help you in the decision process, here’s a simple buying guide to consider. The best heat pump consumer reports are usually anchored upon these factors.


The first factor to evaluate is the regional climate. Modern heat pumps are designed to work efficiently especially in places where only moderate cooling and heating is needed. If you live in a region where the cold is extreme – below 10 degrees to 25 degrees F – an auxiliary heating system may be required.


This one’s extremely important. What you need is just the right size of a unit – not too small and not too big. An oversized unit may give you too much of what you need; while an undersized unit will only increase your electric bills. Further, a too big of a unit costs a lot upfront.

The danger of having an oversized unit is too much power. It will reach the required temperature faster, consequently resulting in constant on and off in cycles. That means a shorter life expectancy.

While we strive to give you all necessary information you may need to make an educated decision, we still strongly advice to consult a heating and cooling professional. As a requirement, they will utilize the Air Conditioning Contractors of America Manual J calculation (ACCA).

Energy Efficiency

The higher the rating, the higher the greater the system’s cost. Replacing your older heat pump with an Energy Star-rated product could lead to hundreds of dollars of savings a year. While you may have to spend more bucks upfront for installing a more efficient heat pump, you’ll eventually save on the long term.


Heat Pump – the ideal home solution, any climate, all year round.

Before buying a new heat pump, ensure that your home is conducive enough to boost the efficiency of the system. The heat pump will only be as good as the home it serves. That said, here are some ways to enhance your unit’s efficiency: add weather stripping around windows and doors; adding insulation to walls and attic; and proper sealing throughout your home.

Now it all boils to finally choosing one product. Any of the products above could be the best heat pump to date. With proper home preparation, you’ll have the most efficient system you could ever have.