Zoeller sump pump m53 review

Looking for the best sump pump 2020 ? You might want to read this Zoeller Sump Pump M53 Review.

When you think of something that you can simply rely on, you will definitely go to something which is time tested and definitely lasts long and would certainly fit your needs when it comes to sump pumps. For over 70 years, Zoeller manufacturing company mastered the needs of every consumer about the features needed for a dependable sump pump.

Zoeller sump pump m53 review

Zoeller M53 Might Mate is ideal for commercial and residential wastewater issues. You can depend on the quality and durability that Zoeller pumps able to deliver because they are committed to producing such time tested sump pumps.

Zoeller sump pump m53 review-Key Features and Advantages

Power Packed Performance

One of the interesting features that the Zoeller can be proud of is its high packed performance. It can drain 34 gallons of water in just a minute from 10 m deep basement and roughly 43 gallons of wastewater from 5 m deep basement.

Corrosion Free

One problem of many sump pump users is the outer covering of their pumps rusts rapidly. But, the Zoeller Mighty Mate is coated with corrosion resistant powder that ensures rust and corrosion free outer covering of the pump.

Build and Design Feature

Submersible sump pumps needed to have corrosion-free outer coverings since it functions in damp conditions. Thus, it must be protected from an excessive load of pressure especially on some of the delicate parts of the pump.

Other sump pumps malfunction due to water leakages that affect some internal vital parts of the system. But, in Zoeller Mighty Mate this problem is no problem at all. It is resolved with a cast iron covering which protects the motor’s whole system. It ensures additional safety of the internal vital parts because the cast iron covering immediately dispersed heat efficiently.

For a fact, the cast iron covering is coated and dried with epoxy that protects the coverings from corrosion due to long-time exposure to water. At the bottom of the product, there is a small hole that allows little quantities of water to enter through it but it ensures that it does not allow water to enter at the main motor of the pump.

Main Exterior Parts

The stainless steel handle is carried around the exterior part. For rigid submersion requirements, it is packed with a 3-meter long power cord that is sufficiently hard and secure. That’s why it ensures lesser risk of electrical malfunctions when it is submerged in the basements.

To ensure the smooth function of the pump, make sure that you give an extra allowance of the diameter of any solids which is moving up to a ½ inch. This allows NPT discharge to have extra space to operate during the functioning process.

Interior Motor and Casing

This pump provides 1/3 horsepower through a 4 pole motor giving you a maximum speed of 1550 RPM. The product ensures to work beyond limits because it is equipped with overheating switch that assures you to protect your pump from overheating. It has a shaft seal that made from carbon and ceramic which is a great way to prevent oil leakage.

Impeller, Switch Assembly and Safety

The user can freely choose between cast iron impeller and a plastic impeller in purchasing the product. Performance wise, both impellers almost performs identically, both functioning well and efficiently. This is the result of the special design that ensures the motor’s capability of withdrawing water with no blockages from surplus water pressure.

The switch assembly automatically switches the pump on and off. 2 poles on vertical extrusion sides connected to a float, making the switch turned on as the float increases as the water level increases. You can’t question the durability of the float, it is constructed from a durable polypropylene that can adapt to varied working conditions.

For extra protection for switch assembly, it is equipped with a switch guard. It acts like a sticking out like a straight handle that guarantees smooth operation. The switch guard’s lifespan is somehow shorter. It runs for an average of 3 to 5 years which we advised that to avoid malfunction switch guards need to be changed regularly.

Easy to Install

Sump pumps are difficult to detach once it was installed. That’s why some products need you to understand how the product works especially the proper installation and removing of the product. In Zoeller Mighty Mate, removing issues is nothing to be worried about; it is the least complex as compared to its competitors in the market.

About the Brand

Zoeller considered being the pioneering company that focuses on improving sump pump systems among other companies. That’s why other latter companies producing sump pump cannot reach the milestone and expertise which the Zoeller has established. One perfect example of this is the Zoeller M53 Mighty-Mate Submersible Sump Pump, a sump pump that is very difficult to argue by other manufacturing companies.

This is rated high by every plumbers and contractor in the U.S and it sets the standard when it comes to the sump pump industry.

Verdict – Zoeller Sump Pump M53 Review

In general, every user wanted to have a sump pump that works so well considering the price of an item simultaneously. Zoeller Mighty Mate Submersible Sump Pump is what you have been looking for. You can have an efficient motor at a very reasonable price at the same time.

Every pump they produced is being tested under water and pressure testing to ensure that the pump is free from any leaks. At first glance, many users thought that Zoeller Mighty Mate is expensive for its features can be found from other sump pumps which has a higher price.


You’ve reached the end of our Zoeller Sump Pump M53 Review. The brand wanted to assure the satisfaction of its users that’s why all mentioned key features are being factory tested. So, if you have residential or commercial wastewater issues, Zoeller M53 Mighty Mate Sump Pump is the one which you can count on.

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